Image by Skye Studios

Today is your day.  Your day for wearing the dress you knew was “The One” the moment you tried it on, for carrying an heirloom hankie that you’ll save for your daughter, for flowers and champagne and walking down the aisle to promise a forever to the person you know is “The One”.  Your day for being surrounded by family and friends who want to celebrate you, for music and dancing and wine and food and memories. 


Choosing the right entertainment for your wedding or special event is one of the most important decisions you will have, to make a successful event. Selecting the right professional to control the tempo, music, lighting, ambiance, mood, sound level, and flow can make or break your wedding, special event or party. American Eagle Entertainment will work with your specific vision to customize music, entertainment, lighting, and sound to create the event you want.

  • State of the art sound systems and lossless audio for high-quality music

  • Highly trained DJs to MC and keep the night magical and entertaining

  • Millions of  Songs in lossless format with radio edits

  • Licensed and insured

  • Lights, Karaoke, Wedding E-page and many other special requests available for free

Base price...............$600 for the first 4 hours

Additional hours.....$100 per hour

Within 50 miles.......Free

Outside of 50 miles..$1 per mile

No Charge for extras or special requests. If it doesn't cost us anything, it doesn't cost you anything.