Let us plan your event!

We work closely with vendors and take care of all the work saving you time, energy, stress and hundreds of dollars!

Whether it's a wedding, prom, or party we'll make it magical. All events are fully customizable and only limited by your imagination!

Fairy Tale Theme

Magical and elegant, everyone should feel like a princess or prince charming. Lights and sparkling linens highlight the floral decorations and custom centerpieces. Backdrops and props set up any room to be a kingdoms delight!

Secret Garden Tea Party Theme

From the innocent imagination of a child's tea party to the antique romanticism of lords and ladies at high tea, even a little Alice In Wonderland mixed in, your day will be forever remembered as we transform the venue into a rustic and romantic garden.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Conjuring images of purity and untouched beauty, we'll transform the venue into a mountain glacier glistening with frost and ice. Blue lights, chandeliers, icicles and winter trees will delight all guests and make them crave the hot chocolate with marshmallows served at our provided coffee bar.

Destination Theme

From London to Tokyo, Paris to Las Vegas and everything in between, We'll make you think you're really there. Props, food and decor will take you away!


Carnival Theme

Popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, games and an inflatable bouncy castle will make you feel like you're at the State Fair. Face painting and balloons will make children and adults alike laugh with joy!